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It goes back to routine and with Amy being off on a Wednesday and Friday, Thursday night is the start of our weekend. I was religiously going in the gym and keeping a close eye on what I was eating and drinking. Why not let me know your plans in the comments box below? ? Thanks as always, *Disclaimer: This was a collaborative post with Brita and I was given the water filter bottle in order to give an honest review. Motivation I have so much motivation it?s unreal. For this year, I?ve decided to go back to my roots. Now for a little confession, I?ve let certain things slide! ? Not massively, just things have changed slightly. Whether we?re talking about us gym days or what you have your meals, setting a routine allows you to follow a plan. I hope you?ve taken something from this post and it can help you to achieve your goals. Routine is absolutely crucial with any kind of health and fitness plan. I think I?ll do just fine with this, my only real concern . In the hour between the kids going to bed and us sitting down for our tea, this is the time where alcohol is consumed. It?s terrible I know! To help me stay hydrated, I?ve teamed up with and I?ll be using their Fill&Go water filter bottle over the next few months. From pictures, to songs, to films, to quotes, the motivation is endless. The challenge will also act as something else, an experiment. In 2013, and was in pretty good shape. I think this will be the perfect way to keep me hydrated throughout the day and it helps to reduce on waste from single use plastic bottles. I?d like to share the plan I intend to follow over the next few months to get in the best shape of my life! Routine If I?ve said it once, I?ve said it a million times. Challenge Over the years, I?ve been known to set myself certain challenges such as the . Other things will include: Best of the Best with Eric Roberts, Masters of the Universe with Dolph Lundgren and Blood Sport with Jean Claude Van Damme. Sorry, I know I used the C word! My challenge for this year is to get in the best shape of my life. Hydration I think most people get to a Monday and say to themselves ?I must start drinking more water this week.?In 2015 and I was still in pretty good shape. ? My plan over the next few months is try my hardest to drink more water, eat more proteins, limit carbs and reduce my sugar intake. Don?t worry if you fall off it every now and then though, just make sure you get back on track! Back in 2012, I created a and this really helped me stay on track! I appreciate there will be numerous apps available these days but I?m old school and I like a pen and paper. It definitely worked because it helped Amy lose over two stone! It educated us enough to know what certain foods are made up of and also about portion control.So it was back in 2012 I decided to change my life for the better. This isn?t an excuse, it?s just the way it is. I?ve already taken photos and measurements like I did before my Freeletics challenge. I want to know what it takes to meet a certain level of fitness and what time, effort and dedication it requires. So that?s my plan anyway and I?m pretty much fired up to see it through. I?ll be watching things like the 80?s version of the Incredible Hulk, starring Lou Ferrigno. I don?t want to turn into a boring [email protected] or anything but I definitely need to try my hardest to limit my alcohol intake. They reduce chlorine, while leaving in minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium. I?m expecting to face one of the toughest challenges I?ve ever encountered and I?m ready. Back in 2012, and I started tightening certain things up in the kitchen. It also acts as motivation ? if I manage to do four or more days in a week, it?s a huge confidence boost for me. All words and opinions are my own.? I can sometimes get to an afternoon and realise I haven?t had a drink all day. Nutrition This is something I?ve never taken 100% seriously. The calendar is hung nearby so I can see if I?ve skipped more than two days in a row. I don?t drink loads but I drink fairly regularly. I?ve never been in better shape since the end of 2012 though, a whole five years ago! Now the time has come to do one better and I?m prepared to do whatever it takes. Bad habits have crept back in and now it?s time to tighten them up again. These were all films I grew up watching and if they motivated me back in the day, then why not now! ? I?m really interested to see how my body shape will change over the coming months too

It also acted as a visual reminder if I skipped more than two days in a row. Remember if you are recording your own body weight, you should do this on the same day, at the same time, every week. ? I?ve gone really easy on the design and the colours so it doesn?t use too much of your toner! ? ? You can use the exercise calendar however you?d like. I found in the past that it helped me plan my week in the gym and it gave me a good sense of satisfaction when I wrote ?Gym? on some days. ? The Father Fitness exercise calendar is free to download and print. I kept it up to date for a good couple of years but I haven?t done one in a while. I thought it was about time I brought it back! ? I know there are several apps available since I first created one of these. ? I hope this helps you as much as it helps me. I?d walk past the fridge door where it was hanging and if the last few days were blank, I?d think ?Come on Paul, get your act together!? I found this really good motivation for me. You may want to keep track of your body weight, the weight you lifted in the gym or maybe the distance you?ve just ran.I had created a free exercise calendar back in 2012 for and it really helped with my motivation. Call me old fashioned, I just don?t think you can go wrong with a piece of paper and a pen. I?m simply using it to record how many days I?ve been in the gym and it helps me plan my week with rest days etc

Dance Cardio Exercise is always at its best when it feels like entertainment rather than being a chore. Check out the to see if there is a club near you for you to test out your dancing feet. Virtual Boxing Worried about not being able to find time to hit the gym? Fear not, The Box Method have found a means of bringing an easy workout routine to your home. But there are also a number of routines that can be performed on a daily basis. Whether under water spin classes, underwater cardio workouts, or even good, old-fashioned swimming classes with Prestige Boot Camp.Keeping fit and healthy can be a struggle when faced with the stresses of daily life. ? Burning through 500 calories a lesson, a number of exercise clubs offer group sessions with fitness supervisors, but can also present alternative training regimes under water.? There is a water workout for everybody!. With video instructions from an online video teacher, the trainee is provided with a pair of dumbbells and an intense 3-minute video workout. Aqua jogging Consisting of a number of timed sprinting laps through the water, as well as lengths that isolate the top half lower half of the body in the water, Aqua Jogging is used by professional athletes, such as Olympic champion , in their training to improve their cardiovascular fitness, endurance and muscle strength. Not only can this help burn over 600 calories, but it can also improve muscle mass, bodily strength and endurance. ? Fitness boot camps can provide the comforts of a break from modern life, such as those offered by , with intense workouts, healthy diets and fitness instructors on hand. While you may be busy maintaining an active social or work life, it is still important to find the time to exercise your body. Be prepared to make some new friends while burning those calories! Zumba Looking for an additional intense body workout? Zumba classes are a mixture of fast Latino moves, combined aerobics and muscle toning actions. Like Zumba, it is also a very sociable sport. The number of laps will depend on the strength of the jogger and their set time for their work out. Intense 20-minute workouts to pop, hip-hop and electronic songs can be performed as , or from the comfort of your own living room. The exercises are simple but require endurance to be continued in laps. Joining a dance group is perfect for building endurance, muscle toning and lung stamina. Burning over per session, Zumba can offer a number of exercise variations, including Zumba Step and can even bring the action to the water in Zumba Aqua. With dancing, any sort of activity can change from an uphill battle to a fun burst of energy. Here are the top exercise routines for 2017. As the exerciser runs, they are required to lift up their knees in a thrusting movement against the momentum of the water. ?Not only is Zumba known as a stress reliever, but it can even improve your flexibility and the condition of bodily joints

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